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Visa® Check Card

The Card that Works Like a Check

Allows access to funds without writing a check.

The Visa® Check Card allows you to access funds from your checking account wherever you see the Visa® Logo. So whether you're running errands, buying groceries, shopping for clothes, dining out, or visiting another country -- no need to worry.  Simply take the card that lets you pay without writing checks or carrying excess cash.

Faster and easier than writing checks

Simply present the Visa® Check Card to the merchant, enter your pin or sign the receipt, and go. It saves time when you're in a hurry, because you don't have to write a check, show ID and for check approval.

Accepted where checks are not

It's not always easy to pay by check when you're away from home, or even in your local area as some businesses may not accept checks. The Visa® Check Card helps you avoid such problems. Use it to make purchases around town and around the world wherever Visa® cards are accepted.  You can even use it when ordering merchandise or services by phone, mail, or Internet.

Offers you cash access around the world

Use the Visa® Check Card as a quick, easy way to get cash at more than 130,000 Visa® Network ATMs, or at more than 260,000 financial institutions around the world that display the Visa® Logo.

Gives you a better way to keep track of your purchases

A detailed description of each Visa® Check Card transaction will appear on your regular monthly statement, which is helpful in tracking and managing expenditures.

Works as an ATM Card

The Visa® Check Card can be used as an ATM card to transfer or withdrawal funds from either your checking or savings accounts.

Visa® Check Card Personal Identification Number (PIN) Selection

Selecting a new PIN or changing an existing PIN is easy and convenient
To select or change a PIN please call  1-866-985-2273 and follow the automated prompts.
To utilize the automated PIN system you must be calling from a phone number that is recognized as a valid phone number for the Visa® Check Card number that you have entered.  
If the system cannot verify the phone number or other required information, you will be instructed to contact the bank for further assistance.

Applying for a Visa® Check Card is easy

Stop by any First National Bank of the Rockies office and speak with a friendly Customer Service Representative about applying for the Visa® Check Card.

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