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Q: How is image technology going to benefit me as a customer? Image processing offers several benefits to you:
  1. Enhanced customer service: We can tell you to whom you wrote your check, who endorsed the check, the amount of the check or all three while you are on the phone! The speed with which we can provide you with information is amazing!
  2. Misplaced your statement or need a copy of a check? FNBR can give you your copy within seconds, not days or weeks. We can print the images immediately upon request, and hand them to you, fax them to you, or send them via mail.
  3. Better statement quality: We now use laser printers to produce your statements. Images of your checks will accompany your statement, and are printed on both sides of the paper. *Images are not returned for the Free Checking account.
  4. Easier statement and check storage: Your checks are shown in check number order, and printed beneath each check is the posting date, the check number, and the amount for which the check was paid. These features make it easier to reconcile your statement. Statement image pages are printed on paper pre-drilled with holes for easy insertion into your three-ring binder, which is provided by the bank especially for this purpose. The binder enables you to keep your statements together and in order, eliminating the need for bulky envelopes or boxes for storage.
  5. Permanent storage: FNBR can maintain these quality images much longer than outdated microfilm would ever allow.
  6. Copy quality: Digital images are always clearer than the old microfilm images.
  7. Convenience: You don't have to go to the "main" bank, or even the branch in your town to get all these great services. Every bank we have can deliver this superior customer service for every one of our valued customers.


Q: What is image processing?

The word image is defined as a "similar reproduction." Image processing can then be defined as a process whereby a similar reproduction is made of an original document. It is made possible by digital technology, which is used to capture the image of the document and store it on a computer storage device. The image becomes a permanent record and can be reproduced many times.

Q: Why did the bank decide to use image processing?

The number one reason is CUSTOMER SERVICE! First National Bank of the Rockies® strives to provide superior service to its customers and provide the benefits of new technology. Image processing helps us meet those objectives.

Q: How is it easier to compare the amount of a check you wrote against what was charged against your account?

All of this important information has never before been located in the same place. The amount you wrote the check for, the amount the depositing institution encoded on the bottom of the check, and the amount FNBR read and debited your account is all right on the image. Click here for an example.

Q: Why are my images difficult to read?

There are several factors that determine the quality of an image. The biggest reason for poor images is checks with dark designs. The checks ordered through First National Bank of the Rockies® are image friendly. The major check printing companies, Harland and Deluxe, now print only image friendly checks. Additional tips: Use black or dark blue ink when writing checks. Make sure that the ribbon on your printer or typewriter is black or dark blue and clean. Pick a simple check design. We will gladly examine your checks if the image quality is less than you would like.

Q: What if I need to prove that I paid for something?

If you need an image of the back of your check for proof of payment, it can be made available almost immediately. It can be delivered to you by mail, fax, or in person at any of our locations.You can also print copies of your checks through our Internet Banking service.

Q: Is an image acceptable as legal proof of payment?

Yes. In fact, images have been accepted as valid proof of payment by local, state, and federal branches of government, as well as by businesses throughout the country for many years. An image is a legal document that has been evaluated and accepted by the IRS and the courts.

Q: Does image processing mean that I will not get my checks back?

Actually you are getting your checks back. They are simply returned to you in a different form, one which will make it easier for you to manage your account.

Q: This image page shows only the front of the check. What if I need to see the back?

Studies have shown that 99.7% of the time the back of a check is not required. However, if you need to have the back of a check, we can get it to you via fax, mail, or in person at any of our locations immediately. You can also print off your own copy through our Internet Banking service or your statement CD-ROM. Therefore, we normally only include the front image with your statement.

Q: I am visually impaired. How can you expect me to read images this small?

We are able to provide larger images for customers with special needs. We will be glad to arrange for you to receive larger images. Just come in and talk to our friendly account representatives.

Q: How many checks are printed on a page?

The First National Bank of the Rockies®' standard is 12 checks per page printed on both front and back of the paper.

Q: I love Check Imaging! I write a large number of checks, can I get more than 12 images per page?

Yes, we can go up to 18 images per side of paper, or 36 images per page.

If your checks are not as clear as you would like them to be, the following tips will improve the quality of your check images:

Use black or dark blue ink; it works best in the image environment. Never use light colored inks. Make sure that the ribbon on your printer or typewriter is black or dark blue and clean. Pick a simple check design. Scenic checks and dark designs do not image as well. Purchase your checks through the Bank for best reproduction quality. If you buy your checks elsewhere, ask us for guidelines on purchasing image compatible checks..

Please call or stop by any of our convenient locations if you have questions. With high quality images, you will find check imaging the most convenient way to manage your checking account.

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