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Cash Management

Cash Management offers everything that Internet Banking offers, including Bill Pay for our business customers, plus these additional features:

Multiple Account Control: 

Commercial customers can control multiple accounts securely. Authorized users can access account details, such as available balances and hold amounts, but not have authority to transfer money out of that account. They may have the authority only to view one of the businesses accounts, or they may have the authority to view, transfer and pay bills from all of the businesses accounts. FNBR® can setup any level of authority you feel is appropriate.

Wire Transfers: 

Commercial accounts can originate secure wire transfer requests via the Internet.

EFTPS Tax Payments: 

Commercial accounts can pay all their Federal taxes via the Internet.

Payroll / Direct Deposit: 

Cash management allows businesses to direct deposit payroll for all their employees regardless of where they bank.

ACH Origination: 

Businesses can originate ACH´s using standard NACHA format for debits and credits via the Internet.

Universal Bill Payment: 

Commercial customers can conveniently pay bills online and take advantage of time and cost savings just the same as our retail customers.

Account information: 

Commercial customers can conveniently view all details and history of an account just the same as our retail customers


Accounts can be reconciled against banks records, just using a QIF or coma delimited file format. This is completed securely online through your web browser.

Draft, Authorize: 

Each company has the ability to set up personnel to draft payroll, ACH's, etc., and then have another person review and approve them for submittal to the bank.


Complete the Cash Management Enrollment Form, print it out, sign it and bring it to the nearest FNBR® location.

Download the Add/Remove Accounts form here.

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